Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nine Full Moons

Almost a full moon :) I took this picture from my back yard.

There's a superstition about full moons and pregnancy. Some people believe that full moons can bring on labour. Apparently Labour and Delivery is busier when there's a full moon, same goes with Emergency Rooms.

One article I found points out that "people are 80% water.  And the changes in barometric pressure changes tides…does that change how we act or react?  Some say yes" 


Someone told me that it will be 9th full moon of your pregnancy (if it has any effect on you).

My cousin just had her baby the other day. She was 10 days overdue (even though the doctors said she would be 2 weeks early). GUESS WHAT! Yep, you guessed it! Full moon the night she went into labour!!

So then I looked at my 9th full moon and get this! For the past month or so I've been telling people I want to have the baby October 24th (ha ha, yeah right, I know I don't get to choose!) The 24th is my 37 week mark - where you are considered full term and can have the fancy hospital room in the low risk side of L&D :) Can you guess what happens October 23rd? RIGHT AGAIN! Full moon!!!Oh, you're laughing now :) you just wait!