Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Pink Lines

We found out 6 months ago that we are pregnant! About 2 months ago we found out that it's a girl! We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. I have been loving the pregnancy. I love every moment of it. This is our first child. Graham and I met New Year's Eve year 2000 and married September 2007. Our baby girl will arrive November 2010. She will be the greatest birthday present imaginable for the both of us. Gray's birthday is November 11th and mine is the 17th.When I entered all the necessary info into websites they all estimated the due date as November 14th. What a perfect date. 14 is my favorite number and the 14th is 3 days after Graham's birthday and 3 days before mine. But when I went to my doctor she quickly calculated the date using the hand-held wheel chart and told me November 13th. The ultrasound technician told me the 16th and he's probably the most accurate "give or take 9 days"". I'll just stick with the 14th :)

Latest picture - 6 months

5 months, 1 week :)

Beginning of second trimester


  1. Ah! Perfect name for the blog... I love the timeline of photos. You look beautiful and Gray looks so happy and proud (well, handsome, too :)! xoxo Nic and Jus

  2. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! - Kristjanna