Sunday, August 1, 2010

Designer Momma

Wall Colour

I'm 99% decided on a wall colour. It's called Bottled Water by Sico Paint. I can't find any pictures online so I'll share some similar colours: 


Here's the crib we bought. We decided to go inexpensive, but I love it anyways :)
Graco - Ashleigh


 The baby bedding we ordered.


I ordered the birds, the flowers, and the owls.

A Splash of Colour
We might hang some lanterns, so far I have a blue, fuchsia, green, and purple. 
From Ikea

Book Shelf

Martha Stewart 9 Cube Shelving Unit

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  1. You remind me of me when I was pregnant with pre-planning everything! We also decided to go with an inexpensive crib thinking of all the damage that it will come to see before she grows out of it haha. Beautiful ideas! :)