Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Princess is on Mat Leave

I made it to the very end!!! Today was my last day of work! 

The day started out horribly... our one year old dog, Morgan somehow got a hold of Gray's prescription medication, chewed through the cap and ate all of the pills. So instead of leaving to get to work for my very last day... I left the house to rush Morgan to the vet. Luckily I found the empty bottle before I left for work and luckily they were able to get him to spit up the majority of the pills (about 10 to 12). He is at home now and doing just fine. This day could have ended terribly. We are very fortunate!

This morning I went to the vet looking like this:

The day turned out to be pretty good! We had a lot of fun during our Halloween party in Kindergarten today and I received a nice farewell at the school assembly this afternoon. And now I'm at home, ready to enjoy a year with our little one. As soon as she arrives. Any day now chickey!!! I'll be 38 weeks in a couple of days. 

I spent my last day at work as a Princess. The Paper Bag Princess.

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  1. Congrats! I'm sooo excited for you - great costume! I have three more days of work next week and then I'll be joining you on Mat leave. Countdown to baby is here!